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Gymnastics Victoria
Coaching Course Calendar

Welcome to the Gymnastics Victoria Coaching Course Calendar. You can find all of the coaching courses that are running within the state in the calendars below. Our calendar is developed on a 3-month cycle. If you cannot find a course that suits your time frame, please feel free to let us know via email ( or telephone (03 9005 4700)

The Intermediate and Advanced (Module 1 & Module 2+) Coaching Course Calendars can be found below.


These links will take you tot the Gymnastics Australia LMS where you'll need to enrol into the specific training event that can be found using the LMS Code listed for each course. All pre-course requirements are to be completed and approved in order to enrol into a face to face coaching course using your LMS account. More information on the pre-course requirements can be found below. If you require any assistance in enrolling into a course, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us.

If you are a coach who is returning to the sport after an extended period of time away and your technical membership has lapsed please contact the education team via email

Gymnastics Australia LMS

If you are having issues navigating the Gymnastics Australia LMS, please see our FLEX FAQ page.

Can't find a course?

If you can't find the course you would like to attend, send us an expression of interest by clicking the link to the form below:

Pre-Course Requirements:

Click the buttons to download the pre course requirements for Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced courses.

Important information:

Every person who is 18 years old or over at the time of an education course MUST have a valid Working With Children Check (WWCC).  You are able to obtain a WWCC before you turn 18 years of age. You can apply for a Working With Children Check here.

Please note that Gymnastics Victoria is no longer able to run courses that do not meet minimum participants numbers.

Decisions regarding the viability of courses will be made at 3pm on Monday, the week of the course date to allow alternate arrangements to be made. Once a decision regarding a course has been made, Gymnastics Victoria will not reverse the decision made under any circumstance.


All courses that are subject to rescheduling will be rescheduled, not cancelled, with a new time, date and possible new venue.

Gymnastics Victoria will notify enrolled participants and reschedule the course, please note that Gymnastics Victoria can only notify participants that have placed themselves into the training event within the Gymnastics Australia LMS.

Once a new course date has been set up, you will be notified and automatically transferred to the new course. If you cannot attend the new course date, you will need to notify Gymnastics Victoria via email. Any course fees that have been paid can be refunded or held in credit until such a time that the training can be fulfilled. Course fees are non-transferable between technical members or products.


Minimum Course participant numbers are as follows;

Minimum Number
Beginners Coaching Course
Intermediate (GFA/WAG) Coaching Course
Intermediate (ACR/AER/KG/MAG/RG/TRP/TUM) Coaching Course
Advanced Module 1 Coaching Course (ACR/GFA/MAG/TUM/WAG)
Advanced Coaching Course (Any Gymsport)

Fundamentals Coaching Accreditation


The Beginners Coaching Course and Accreditation has been discontinued by Gymnastics Australia. The new entry level accreditation for coaches is the Fundamental Gymnastics Coaching Accreditation.


Intermediate Coaching Courses


Advanced Coaching Courses

Important information:

Please be aware that all coaches attending an Advanced Coaching Course must supply an Athlete Demonstrator to accompany them to the course. For all Advanced Module 1, Advanced Module 2 to 4 (WAG/MAG/ACR/TRP) courses, the athlete demonstrator must be present for the full duration of the course for Advanced Rhythmic Coaching courses, the Athlete demonstrator will only be required for a portion of the course (specifics will be provided upon enrolment). 

As part of your enrolment into an Advanced Coaching course. You will need to supply gymnastics Victoria with an Athlete Demonstrator consent form signed by the parent / guardian of the athlete. This form can be downloaded by click the button below.

Athlete Demonstrator Minimum Standards:

Athlete demonstrators must be able to perform the following skills in any context (eg. Floor/Trampoline/Tumble track);

  • A spotted front salto

  • A spotted back salto

  • Beginning to work round off back handspring connections

  • A spotted standing back handspring

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