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Fundamental Gymnastics Coach

Gymnastics Australia

Updated Pathway
Fundamental Gymnastics Coach Accreditation

The Fundamental Gymnastics Coaching course is the entry level pathway and allows new coaches to obtain a nationally recognised accreditation through a comprehensive on-the-job training program.  Learning under the guidance of an accredited Club Coach Educator and at your own pace, this course prepares new coaches with the necessary skills to coach independently.


To become a gymnastics coach, contact a Gymnastics Australia affiliated club and express your interest! If you need help to find an affiliated club, let us know.


Your club will assign you a Club Coach Educator (CCE) to guide and support you through the on-the-job learning and completion of your Activity Pack.  


If your club lacks a CCE or live in a regional or remote area, reach out to your State and Territory Association to explore options which align with your specific circumstances.  


The Fundamental Gymnastics Coach Accreditation is self-paced, so you can feel supported in achieving your coaching goals.  


After completing your Activity Pack, upload it online, Gymnastics Australia will review and confirm your CCE has signed you off as ready to start coaching independently. You can then book into your Virtual Induction session.


This online session only takes an hour, and there will be other coaches online with you. During this session, an experienced and friendly mentor will talk with you about coaching independently in your club.


Once you have attended this session, you will receive your official accreditation and be qualified to coach independently!

Download the Fundamental Gymnastics Coach Pathway Flowchart here.

Frequently Asked Questions

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