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New Coaching Pathway

Fundamental Gymnastics Coach

New Pathway
Fundamental Gymnastics Coach

Gymnastics Australia have recently launched the Fundamental Gymnastics Coach (FGC) Accreditation Pathway. The Fundamental Gymnastics Coach Pathway is designed with the recreational gymnastics coach in mind. FGCs are lead through an 'on the job' training program, facilitated by their club or Gymnastics Australia.


Coaches learn and develop the necessary skills of coaching within their own club, Applying what they learn in practical settings, FGCs consolidate their learning through doing whilst working towards a Gymnastics Australia technical accreditation that will allow them to coach recreational gymnastics classes and skills from the Australian Levels programs (levels 1 to 3) independently.

Coaches train under the supervision of a Club Coach Educator (CCE). A CCE is an experienced coach that has undergone additional training to become a supervisor, teacher and mentor for junior coaches who are starting their coaching journey. FGCs will work closely with their CCE within their clubs to complete all the tasks required of the Fundamentals pathway.

Key Features

Developing skills in Practical settings under qualified mentor supervision, without a long, full day training course!

Coaches finish the pathway with a Nationally recognised Gymnastics coaching accreditation and can coach independently without supervision.

Most of the FGC pathway happens in your club with real hands on experience. Fewer online components, means more time in the gym!

Coaches complete the pathway in their club

Coaches become nationally qualified

Less online, more real life

Fundamental Gymnastics Coach
Pathway steps

Reach out to your club to see if they'll take you on?

The FGC pathway requires commitment from both club and junior coach, so check with your club first if the can cater for you.

Step 1
Step 2

Sign up for a GOL account with Gymnastics Australia

Before you get started, there are a few things you'll need to do online first.

Click here to find out more.

Enrol into and complete the online course - Welcome to Gymnastics Coaching Introduction.

Step 3
  • Welcome to Gymnastics Video

  • Sport Australia: Community Coach Essential Skills

Enrol into and complete the online course - Fundamental Gymnastics Coaching (Entry Level)

Step 6
  • Fundamental Gymnastics Coach Online Course

  • Fundamental Gymnastics Coaching Workbook

Enrol into and complete the online course - Fundamental Gymnastics Coaching (Entry Level)

Step 5
  • Fundamental Gymnastics Coach Online Course

  • Fundamental Gymnastics Coaching Workbook

Step 4

You will go through an induction with your club and begin coaching under supervision of your CCE

This will be different club to club. Speak to your clubs CCE for more info.

Enrol into and complete the online course - Fundamental Gymnastics Coaching Final Mentor Check-in

Step 7
  • This is a virtual check-in with a mentor panel assigned by Gymnastics Australia

Step 8

Start Coaching!

You've now completed the Fundamental Gymnastics Coach Accreditation.

You can coach recreational gymnastics in your club without supervision.

You can get more information by accessing the Gymnastics Australia support article.

More Information
Fow Chart
Frequently Asked Questions

These are some common questions that coaches have about the new Fundamental Gymnastics Coaching Pathway.

I’m already a qualified Beginner Coach, what are the next steps for me?

Current beginner coaches have two options, either migrate to the new fundamentals pathway or complete their beginners trainning.

  • If you are 15 years old and plan on taking recreational gymnastics classes it's recommended that you migrate to the new fundamentals pathway. 

  • If you plan on taking competitive classes as per the ALP, you should complete the Intermediate coaching accreditation once you're 16 years old. 

I'm already a beginner coach, can I coach unsupervised now?

No. Beginner coaches are still not qualified to coach without a supervising coach. Only coaches who have completed the new Fundamentals pathway or are intermediate level accredited and above can coach unsupervised. 

How old do I have to be to become a Fundamentals Gymnastics Coach?

Coaches can commence the fundamental gymnastics coach pathway at 14 years old when they start the pathway. Coaches must be 15 years old when you enroll into the Final mentor check-in module and complete the accreditation. 

How do I start the process of becoming an FGC?

It's always best to talk to your Gymnastics Club or reach out to a club that you'd like to coach at if you aren't associated with one already. They'll play an important role in your FGC journey so it's important that your club is ready to support you through the pathway.

Once you're ready to begin, checkout the flow chart for a step by step guide on how to begin the process.

How much does it cost to become an FGC?

The Fundamental Gymnastics Coach accreditation is $250.00 AUD. This includes your training, resource access and 12 months of technical membership with Gymnastics Australia.

If your club does not have a Club Coach Educator, you will need to pay an additional $150.00 AUD for virtual mentoring sessions to fulfil the accreditation requirements. 

How long does the pathway take to complete?

The Fundamental Gymnastics Coach accreditation is a competency based so there is no set length of time or minimum amount of time that the process can take. You will move through it at the rate your CCE or virtual CCE recomends.

My club doesn't have a CCE. What does this mean?

If your club does not have a CCE, you can still complete the fundamentals pathway using Gymnastics Australia's Virtual mentoring sessions.


There are 6 virtual mentoring sessions that are attended once a week. Once you complete all 6, you can organize for your virtual final mentor check-in.

Can my club mentor also do my final mentor check-in?

No. Your club mentor cannot assess you for your final mentor check-in. You're final mentor check-in will be done virtually by booking into a session via the Gymnastics Australia LMS (FLEX).

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