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Return to Coaching

Do you want to return to coaching?

Has your technical accreditation lapsed? Have you had an extended period away from coaching but would like to return? There are a few things to consider when returning to coaching and every case is unique. Let Gymnastics Victoria assist you in you return to Gymnastics. In returning to coaching.

Has your technical membership expired?

Your GA technical membership must be renewed annually to remain current and valid. Your membership is current from the date your first Gymnastics Australia accreditation is processed and must be renewed every 12 months from that date.

If your accreditation lapses by 3 renewal cycles (2 year from the date of expiry), you must complete a current competency assessment in order to renew your technical membership.

Current Competency Assessment

A current competency assessment usually takes the form of your attendance at a coaching course at the same level of accreditation, in the same Gymsport, that you previously held.


For example; if you held an Intermediate WAG coaching accreditation, you would need to attend an Intermediate face to face coaching course as a current competency.


If you held an accreditation under the old Gymnastics Australia framework, you will need to re-accredit under the new system. Please contact Gymnastics Victoria for advice.

Email Gymnastics Victoria today to get assistance with your return to coaching.

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