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Technical membership

Professional Updating

Professional Updating

All Technical members (coaches and judges) who wish to maintain their membership must accrue a number of updating points throughout a one year period. Updating points can be accrued through many different means; competitions, workshops, online courses, upskill and obtaining further accreditations as well as attending certain meetings.

The total number of updating points you are required to complete per annum will be based on your highest level of accreditation, as follows:


  • Fundamental – minimum of 3 updating points per annum

  • Intermediate, Intermediate Bronze and Advanced – minimum of 6 updating points per annum

  • Advanced Silver – minimum of 12 updating points per annum

  • FIG/High Performance (and higher) – minimum of 18 updating points per annum

More detailed explanations of the updating points and limits can be found in the Gymnastics Australia updating policy here.

Note: Judges’ Accreditations are valid for each Olympic cycle. Each new cycle, all judges who hold accreditations must attend a new course in order to maintain or extend their judging competencies.

For information regarding First Aid Courses provided by Melbourne Polytechnic and to enrol into a course, please click 'First Aid Courses'

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Updating Opportunities

There are many ways to maintain your technical accreditation with Gymnastics Australia. The more involved you become with the sport the more opportunities there are to earn updating points. You can view all of the relevant activities that accrue updating points on pages 10 to 21 of the Gymnastics Australia Updating points Policy.

You can download the updating policy by clicking the button 'GA Updating Policy'

You can view all upcoming education opportunities by searching the Coaching, Judging and workshop calendars or by viewing the online education page for online courses which award updating points.

Online Education Options

There are a number of online courses that coaches and judges can complete. All Victorian technical members can complete online courses on FLEX (Gymnastics Australia's LMS) or Learngym (Gymnastics Victoria's LMS).

If using FLEX, you can find all the online updating courses in the Training Library under two categories Professional Development and Updating (Online) & Document uploads for updating points

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Updating Documents.JPG

If using FLEX, you can find all the online updating courses in the Training Library under two categories Professional Development and Updating (Online) & Document uploads for updating points. 

You can complete both paid and free courses on FLEX. Updating Points may take up to 24 hours to sync to your account after course completion.

If using Learngym, you can scroll through the main page to view all of the courses available. Please note that only child saftey courses in Learngym will accrue updating points. 

First Aid & CPR Updating

Current and Valid First aid is an expectation of all GA technical members. First aid renewals and updating is an easy way to quickly accrue updating points. There a numerous national training organsations (NTOs) which run first aid courses in various forms. When enrolling into a first aid course, look for these course codes which tell you that the First Aid course you are completing is from a legitimate NTO.



Once you have completed all the requirements of your first aid course, please submit the certificate to the following bundles in FLEX,

  • CPR Certificate

  • First Aid Certificate

You can find these courses in the 'Document uploads fo updating points' course category.

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Checking your points

You can track how many updating points you have obtained via your Gymnastics Online (GOL) account, accessed via the Gymnastics Australia Web Page or by clicking the "GOL" button.

Once you've logged in and accessed your GOL account, you can see your updating points as well as see your full updating history by clicking on your 'Updating' tab.

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Renewing your Technical Membership

Technical Members are required to renew their technical membership every 12 months from the date of their first techncial renewal.

The requirements for renewing your technical membership are;

  • have the minimum number of updating points for your accreditation (you can see the minimum number here)

  • Have completed all mandatory child safety courses in the LMS. As of September 2022 these are;

    •  The Athletes Voice

    • Every Body is Unique

Once you have completed the above requirements, you can renew your technical membership online via your GOL account. From your GOL landing page, navigate to the 'Renew' tab to renew your technical membership. If you cannot see the renew tab, please contact Gymnastics Victorias Education team for assistance.

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If you believe you are missing updating points, please see the contact information below:

  • For updating points relating to coaching or judging at competitions or attendance at TC meetings, contact -

  • For updating points relating to education courses or online updating, contact

If you would like further assistance in renewing your technical membership, please download this Gymnastics Australia guide to renewing your technical membership.

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