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Gymnastics Australia
Accredited Coach Pathway

Gymnastics Australia
National Coaching Accreditation Framework

The Gymnastics Australia National Coaching Accreditation framework is the way in which our gymnastics coaches obtain their accreditations, upskill and develop as coaches. The national framework is built around the 'Skills Matrix.' The skills matrix outlines what skills coaches who hold a certain level of accreditation can coach. You can view the skills Matrix by clicking the button below.


As coaches move up each tier of the national framework, they can begin to teach higher level skills, coach higher levels at competitions, and work with different athletes training in different settings. This diagram illustrates the broad framework.


Coaches can start their coaching development by completing a Beginner Coaching Course. All accreditations use a hybrid learning model of online content and face-to-face practical assessments. People who complete this course are able to coach any gymsport under supervision.

After completing the Beginners accreditation you can move through the different coaching levels. These levels start from Intermediate and you can gain coaching qualifications in Men's Gymnastics (MAG), Women's Gymnastics (WAG), Rhythmic Gymnastics (RG), Gymnastics for All (GFA), Sport Aerobics (AER), Trampoline Sports (TRP), Acrobatic Gymnastics (ACRO), KinderGym (KG).


Coaches who complete this course and maintain their Technical Membership with Gymnastics Australia receive a range of benefits including professional indemnity insurance when coaching gymnastics in programs approved by our affiliated clubs or any Gymnastics Victoria sanctioned activity.

GA Coaching Framework_edited.png

Gymnastics Australia

National Coaching Accreditation Framework

Gymnastics Australia

Skills Matrix

National framewok
Skills Matrix
National Coaching Accreditation Framework
Fundamental Gymnastics Coach Pathway

Gymnastics Australia has recently launched a new coaching pathway for junior coaches. The Fundamental Gymnastics Coach pathway allows coaches to obtain a national accreditation via on the job training plan, supervised by a nationally certified mentor within their club.

Coaches will find this new pathway offers a more practical, hands on experience and will allow them to achieve their goals of becoming a qualified coach in a shorter time frame.

The fundamental Gymnastics coach pathway supercedes the beginners coaching accreditation and new coaches who want to become Gymnastics Coaches, will now begin their journey with the Fundamental Gymnastics Coach accreditation. 

For more information on the fundamental Gymnastics Coach pathway, click the button.

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Current Coaches

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Intermediate Coaching

If you are currently a Beginner Coach interested in progressing to Intermediate in a specific Gymsport.

Advanced Coaching

If you are an Intermediate Coach interested in gaining an Advanced Accreditation in a specific Gymsport.

Inclusive Coaching

See the latest information surrounding Inclusive Coaching techniques and information on Inclusion Workshops.

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