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Become an Advanced Coach

Coaching Pathway

Are you an Intermediate Coach looking to take
the next step in your coaching pathway?

The Advanced Coaching Accreditation has multiple modules and can comprise of multiple pathways depending on which Gymsport you elect to undertake your Advanced Coaching Accreditation in. Some Gymsports have multiple options for completing the Advanced Accreditation, whereas others have a more direct pathway. Please see the infographic below for more information on the Advanced Accreditation Pathway.

Advanced Participation Pathway

The Advanced Participation Pathway allows coaches to complete the first module of their Advanced Accreditation, prior to undertaking the other modules. The first module of the Advanced course is the same across the ACR, GFA, MAG, WAG  TUM and the TRP* Advanced Coaching Accreditation.


To undertake this pathway coaches must hold an Intermediate Accreditation in any of the above Gymsports and must be 17 years old at the time of the Practical course. 

Completion of this Accreditation will allow Intermediate Coaches to coach and select elements from the Advanced Skills Matrix. Please note that Advanced Module 1 Accreditation coaches are not fully Accredited Advanced coaches. 

By completing the Advanced module 1 Accreditation, Coaches can complete the first module of their Advanced Coaching Accreditation before undertaking the remainder of their Advanced Coaching Accreditation. 

Advanced Participation Pathway  Accreditation Components

The Advanced Participation Pathway contains the following components;

*Please note that the Advanced Module 1 Accreditation for Trampoline Gymnastics is different to the ACR, GFA, MAG, WAG and TUM Accreditations. For all Trampoline coaches, please note the information in italics.

Online Course

  • Option 1 - Advanced Coaching Principles Course - Theory 1 (all gymsports)

  • Option 2 - Online Participation Module

Practical Assessments

  • 2.2 Spotting Logbook - Advanced Tumbling and Spring Module 1 / 2.2 Spotting Log Book - TRP Module 1

  • Advanced Tumbling and Spring Module 1 - Practical / Advanced TRP Coach Accreditation Module 1 - Practical

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Full Advanced Accreditation Pathway

The Full Advanced Accreditation allows coaches to coach skills from the Advanced section of the Skills Matrix. In a competitive setting, coaches will be required to hold an Advanced Coaching Accreditation to take athletes to competition. 

Some of the Advanced Course share modules such as the ones mentioned in the Advanced Participation Pathway, and others are fully Gymsport specific.

Scroll through the slides below for more information on what is involved with each Advanced Coaching Accreditation

Full Advanced Accreditation Pathway
Accreditation Components
Frequently Asked Questions
What are the pre-course requirements?

To begin the Advanced Coaching Accreditation, you must hold a Intermediate Coaching Accreditation in a specific Gymsport and be 17 years of age or older.

What is the cost of completing the Advanced Coaching Accreditation?

Depending on which pathway, and which Gymsport, you go through the cost varies.

Full Advanced Accreditation:

  • Advanced Coaching Principles Course - Theory 1 ($80.00)

  • Advanced Coach Accreditation - Theory 2 ($50.00)

  • Advanced Coach Accreditation - Practical 1 & 2

    • MAG / WAG / ACR / TRP / RG - $275.00​

    • AER - $275.00

    • TUM - $195.00

  • Advanced Coach Accreditation - Practical 2 only

    • MAG / WAG / TRP / ACR - $170.00​

    • TUM - $90.00

  • Advanced GFA Coach Accreditation - $15.00 + 2nd Intermediate Accreditation

Advanced Participation Pathway:

  • Online participation Module - $25.00

  • Advanced Tumbling and Spring Module - Practical 1 (MAG / WAG / ACR / TRP / TUM / GFA) - $105.00

How long does the Advanced Accreditation take to complete?

Depending on which Gymsport you want to accredit in, and which pathway you chose to go through, the Advanced Accreditation can take;

  • Full Advanced Accreditation (any gymsport) - Approx. 12 Weeks

  • Advanced Tumbling and Spring - Module 1 (Advanced Participation Pathway) - Approx. 2 weeks

Do I need to bring an athlete demonstrator to my practical course?

Yes.. All Advanced Practical course (both full Accreditation and Participation Pathway) require an athlete demonstrator.

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