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Gymstar Judges Hub

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Gymnastics Victoria are very excited to announce that the Beginner and Intermediate Gymstar judging courses are now available on the LMS as an online course!


This Beginner Course costs $25 and is designed for new Judges or judges who haven’t judge in a while and are looking for a refresher. Completion of this course allows judges to judge levels 1 to 3 at Gymstar competitions.

The Intermediate course costs $50 and is designed for judges who have completed the Beginner judging course and who are looking to judge Gymstar level 4-6 at competitions. 

For those wanting to judge Gymstar level 7-10 you will need to complete a MAG or WAG Intermediate Judging course as no Advanced Gymstar judging course is currently available. 


The course is located on Gymnastics Australia’s LMS platform which can be accessed by logging into your GOL account via the Gymnastics Australia website. CLICK HERE to download guide on accessing the Beginner Gymstar judging Course as well as how to setup an LMS account if you do not already have one.

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