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Inclusive Coaching

Gymnastics Victoria are here to support you in creating a safe, welcoming and inclusive environment at your gymnastics club.

We offer a wide range of resources to our coaches and clubs, which are detailed in the information below.

Please do not hesitate to contact the Gymnastics Victoria team directly for specific information and support.

For more information on the workshops and resources outlined below, please contact Gymnastics Victoria on (03) 9005 4700 or at

Inclusion Awareness Workshop - Face to Face Training (2 Updating Points)

Gymnastics Victoria’s Inclusion Awareness workshop is designed for gymnastics coaching staff, club administrators, volunteers and committee members. This workshop explores:

  • Discrimination

  • The skills and qualities of an inclusive coach

  • Inclusive communication, and

  • Modifying gymnastics activities


Our Inclusion Awareness workshop aims to raise awareness and improve confidence in working with underrepresented groups in your community, including people with a disability, newly arrived migrants and refugees, Indigenous Australians and older adults. Our Inclusion Awareness workshop is fun, interactive and practical!


To book your workshop, please contact

Online Education

Play by the Rules - Inclusive Coaching Course (FREE - 2 Updating Points)

Inclusive coaching is good coaching. This course will provide opportunities for community coaches to develop their own approach and strategies for inclusion with practical case studies and examples of what it means to be inclusive of all people.

Play by the Rules - Harassment & Discrimination Online Course (FREE - 1 Updating Point

The Harassment and Discrimination online course is an interactive course that covers discrimination law and implications for sports clubs and associations. You’ll get a good understanding of discrimination and harassment and what to do if an incident occurs.

Special Olympics - Improving Sport for People with an Intellectual Disability (FREE - 2 updating points)

Developed using current research and methodology from world leading sporting bodies, this course will support coaches, teachers, parents, athletes, volunteers and administrators in school communities and local sporting clubs to assist people with an intellectual disability to get active and involved in sport.


This course will cover important theoretical concepts and challenge you to apply what you learn directly into your coaching environment. The course also provides a unique insight into the perspective of people with intellectual disabilities.

Special Olympics - An Introduction to Autism Spectrum Disorder (FREE - 1 updating point)

This course provides an overview of ASD and explains some practical strategies that coaches, teachers, volunteers and anyone working with people on the autism spectrum can use to create safe, welcoming and engaging sporting programs. Most importantly though, the course provides an invaluable insight into the sporting experiences of people on the autism spectrum, told by people living with the condition themselves.

To gain updating points from your completion of online education courses, please email your certificate of completion to

Practical Resources

GymAbility GymMix Resource

GymAbility GymMix is a national resource for clubs and schools to assist in the inclusion of participants with disability in fun and safe gymnastics movement based programs. GymAbility GymMix features:​

  • Over 350 activities to develop fundamental movement skills

  • Over 100 group activities to encourage inclusion

  • In-depth explanation of 50 key movement areas

  • Ideas for coaching athletes with disability

  • Sample lesson plan templates

  • Participation certificates

Gymnastics Social Stories 

Gymnastics Victoria, in partnership with Step by Step Psychology, are proud to present our new Social Story resources.


Social Stories are a learning resource used to help explain social situations and expectations to children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), and help them to learn socially appropriate responses and behaviour. Although Social Stories were originally developed specifically for children with ASD, they are also useful social navigation tools for children with intellectual disability, poor comprehension skills and/or anxiety.


Clubs are encouraged to provide access to Social Stories on their websites for current and new members who may require assistance navigating common social situations in the gymnastics environment, including:


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