Inclusive Coaching

We are here to support you as best we can to run inclusive gymnastics at your club. We offer a range of resources to our coaches and support whenever you need it. You can always contact our team for specific information and support, or even if you just want to talk about how inclusion is going in your club.

For more information about the resources and programs outlined below, please contact Gymnastics Victoria on (03) 9214 6020 or 

Inclusive Awareness Workshop

We are currently offering a free workshop for gymnastics coaching staff, admin staff, volunteers, and sporting organisations. The inclusion awareness workshop focuses on raising awareness around working with people with addition requirements in sporting environments (such as; gymnasts with disability, newly arrived migrants and refugee communities, Indigenous Australians and older adults). It’s a fun, interactive and highly practical workshop. Book your inclusive awareness workshop today.

Compete in Special Olympics Programs and Competitions

Gymnastics Victoria is working closely with Special Olympics in order to increase gymnastics participation in the Special Olympics state and national games. We can provide you with support and information about the Special Olympics routines, how to register members and competition pathways and information. Contact our team for more information and stay tuned for more information about Special Olympics.

Getting the most out of your gymnasts form

We have developed a template you can use at the club to make sure you are getting all the information necessary to delivery high quality programs to your participants. The form also supplies a platform for communicating with families or carers who have participants that require additional support. To download a copy of the form, please click the button below.

Communication Tools

Gymnastics Victoria offers a range of communication resources such as a sample communication board, and factsheets and guidelines for creating your own communication resources.



To download a copy of the communication board, along with the fact sheet on how best to display it, please click the images below. You can also work with our team to create your own communication resources. If you would like editable versions of the communication aids, please contact us at or call (03) 92146020. 

Plain Language

Gymnastics Victoria has developed a plain language factsheet for use in your club. It outlines the best way to communicate simply with all people, including those with low literacy, people with intellectual disabilities and those who speak English as a second language. To download a copy of the plain language factsheet or see an example of plain language, click the buttons below. 

Play by the Rules - Free online training

Updating points are available for online courses such as the Australian Sports Commission's free online training for Child Protection and Child Harassment and Discrimination (3 points in total, 1 point per component). They are short, user-friendly and feature the latest interactive technology; including case studies, practical scenarios and a quiz.

Managing Inclusion in Gymnastics (MIG)

The MIG course is an online course provided by Gymnastics Australia. It focuses on how we provide an inclusive experience for participants with disability. Employing common sense, good gymnastics practice and new ideas can help to improve the experience of participants and ensure enjoyable and safe gymnastics for all. 3 updating points are available for this course.

GymAbility GymMix Resource

GymAbility GymMix is a national resource for schools and clubs to assist in the inclusion of participants with disability in fun and safe gymnastics movement based programs. GymAbility GymMix features:

  • Over 350 activities to develop fundamental movement skills

  • Over 100 group activities to encourage inclusion

  • In-depth explanation of 50 key movement areas

  • Ideas for coaching athletes with disability

  • Sample lesson plan templates

  • Participation certificates

Be Prepared! Sport and Active Recreation Programs for People with a Disability. A resource for volunteers and staff

Be Prepared! is a resource created by La Trobe University and launched in 2014. It provides information on how best to deliver programs to participants with disability. It also supplies disability specific information and information for volunteers too. The access the resource, please click on the button below.

Partner with Blind Sports Victoria

Gymnastics Victoria is working alongside Blind Sports Victoria to increase sport and recreation opportunities for people who are blind or have vision impairment. We are working with clubs to create tailored programs for these participants so please contact our team for more information.

Blind Sports Victoria has supplied us with some recources useful for working with athletes who are blind or have vision impairment. These include Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and general tips, as well as information on how to best guide someone with vision impairment. To access these resources, click the buttons below. 

If you would like to get more involved in coaching gymnasts who are blind or have vision impairment please contact us on or on (03) 9214 6020.

Gymnastics Victoria’s Indigenous Program

We recently received funding from Sport and Recreation Victoria to increase leaders in our sport from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander descent. This funding will be used to increase gymnastics opportunities and sponsor leaders through training of their choice in gymnastics. If you are a coach, judge, or staff member who has an Indigenous or Torres Strait Islander background, you may be eligible for sponsorship to further your education and qualifications.

If you, or someone you know, would like to get more involved in our Indigenous program please contact us on or on (03)92146020.

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