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New Coaching Pathway

Club Coach Educator

Coach Club Educator

The new fundamental gymnastics coach pathway will see a new opportunity for experienced coaches to become formally upskilled in teaching, mentoring and developing junior coaches within their club.

The CCE accreditation will allow coaches to sign off on the completion of a junior coaches Fundamental Gymnastics Coaching accreditation. The CCE qualification comprises an online course as well as virtual mentoring sessions to complete the qualification.

CCEs must obtain approval from their state and territory association to become CCEs. There are some requirements that coaches must satisfy in order to be a CCE. CCE's must;

  • Be at least 18 years of age

  • Hold an intermediate level qualification

  • Have 5 years of experience coaching Gymnastics

Coaches can apply to be Club Coach Educators here

You can find more information on the Gymnastics Australia support article

Coach Club Educator 
Pathway Steps
Step 1

Complete the CCE Application form above and get approval from your State and Territory association.

Step 2

Enroll into the course Club Coach Educator - CCE Certification on the Gymnastics Australia LMS.

Step 3

Complete the online course and register for a virtual assessment via the 'Training Events' section of the LMS.

Step 4

Complete the online course and register for a virtual assessment via the 'Training Events' section of the LMS.

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Coach Club Educator 
What are the benefits?

Teach your coaches, your way.

Teach your junior coaches the way your club does things. You can deliver practical training that will teach your coaches how to operate in the environment that they'll be coaching in. 

Practical, one-on-one training.

The CCE certification allows you to teach your coaches in a practical, one-on-one or small group setting. This allows you to provide the best quality feedback and mentor your coaches as they put things into practice and try things for themselves.

Develop your career as a coach.

Are you thinking of becoming a career coach? Becoming a CCE is a great way to add value to your resume and become a valuable part of your gymnastics club. Lead the next generation of coaches and play your part in developing the sport. 

These are some common questions that coaches have about the new Fundamental Gymnastics Coaching Pathway.

Frequently Asked Questions
I'm already a qualified Presenter and Assessor, do I need to complete the CCE course?

As a qualified state / national Presenter and assessor. You will only need to complete the online CCE course, and not the virtual mentoring sessions for CCEs. 

This exemption only applies to state and national level presenter and assessors. This does not include, trainee presenter and assessors or presenter only accreditation holders.

How much does the CCE certificate cost?

The Club Coach Educator certification costs $95.00 AUD. 

How many coaches can I mentor at once?

There is no limit to how many fundamental coaches you can mentor at once, however it's worth considering what kind of mentor you want to be for your junior coaches and how much support they will receive if your attention is split across multiple different coaches, classes and other work loads.

Can anyone become a CCE?

There is a CCE application process. You will apply to become a CCE and your state and territory association will approve or deny your application. As a Victorian, you can apply here. 

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