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Pre-Course Materials

Women's Artistic Gymnastics

WAG Pre-Course Materials

To assist you with preparation leading into a judging course, please review the relevant materials listed below.


Beginner Pre-Course Materials


  • When you are using the 2019 WAG ALP Manual, it is important to read the 'Introduction' and know the elements of all Level 1 and 2 routines for each apparatus

  • Make sure you complete the FREE online 'Community Officiating General Principles' course, coordinated by AusSport - please follow the link to the online course here learning portal

  • Lastly, familiarise yourself with Level 2 Judging Instructions and the order of Level 2 Routines

Intermediate Pre-Course Materials


  • Complete the Practice Theory exam - Download Exam Here 

  • Learn National Level 3 - 6 shorthand - STC Level 3 - 6 & Practice Sheet

  • Review and memorise National Level 3 - 6 routines and be familiar with the Beam and Floor choreography.

  • It is essential you are familiar with the compulsory choreography of the Level 3-6 routines. Deductions are given for pauses, wrong choreography and omitted choreography and it would be highly beneficial to be confident with the choreography and order of skills in routines.

  • You can view the video content from 2015 Gymnastics Victoria Conference to assist with learning the choreography - WAG ALP Videos

  • The 2015 WAG ALP Manual, section 4.3 Choreography Notes will be a very useful tool, as well as;

  • The WAG ALP Program DVD which can be purchased from the GA Gymshop , or observing Gymnasts train and compete their routines (with permission from the Club)

Advanced Pre-Course Materials


  • Online learning Quiz - Use this quiz to prepare for the advanced course. Practice the element values, difficulty scores and essential theory questions. Please click here to use the online quiz. For further assistance please contact Helen Chamberlain

  • Theory and STC practice. 

  • Learn National Level 7-10 composition requirements for each apparatus routine

  • Learn the National Level Code of Points

  • Practice and be confident with STC for all common NL 7-10 elements

  • Recognise STC for all other elements on the STC sheets for NL 7-10 found in the 2015 WAG ALP Manual, section 4.6 Judges Sheets

  • Be familiar with the performance of, and know the names of, common release elements on Uneven Bars.

  • Where possible, attend practice judging sessions with others and mentors

  • Practice using the formal judging recording sheets to record execution deductions and calculate D scores

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