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Gymnastics Victoria is delighted to announce our 2024 Annual Coach Conference!

This year's conference is a power-packed one-day event featuring 18 high-level professional development sessions, with the best Victoria has to offer.

Our 2024 conference is designed for all, with workshops covering a wide range of topics, from injury prevention and sport psychology, to technical master classes and inclusion.


Join us for this must-attend event!


 Specialized Workshops


Expert Presenters


Full day of Professional Development



David Hill

David is the Director and Head Coach of Eclipse Gymnastics, a Melbourne-based gym established in 1992. With coaching experience since 1987 and a Bachelor's degree in Human Movement, he is a Nationally accredited Women’s Artistic Gymnastics High-Performance coach, currently training athletes at the Senior International level. For the past two years, he has also served as a Master Coach for Gymnastics Victoria, Tasmania, and South Australia State Development Squads and presented FIG academy courses in Canberra, Queensland, and New Zealand.

David will be presenting two workshops: 

1A: Tumbling and Twisting Progressions delivered by David Hill

2A: Uneven Bar Transition Releases: Developing hiccups, Pak, shootovers with David Hill



  • How many updating points will I receive for attending workshops?
    You will receive 1 updating point per hour (no half points rewarded). 1x 1.5 hr Workshop = 1 updating point 2x 1.5 hr Workshop = 3 updating points
  • Who can attend and is there an age limit to the coach conference?
    Anyone with a Gymnastics Victoria Technical membership, or who are in the process of completing their fundamentals coaching course. All level coaches of ages are welcome!
  • How much does it cost?
    Early Bird (until December 22, 2023) $40 per single session $180 Full day pass (can attend up to 5 courses) Regular Pricing (after December 22, 2023) $50 per single session $230 Full day pass (can attend up to 5 courses)
  • What if I want to attend workshops at the 2 different locations?
    Don't stress. The State Gymnastics Centre and the Melbourne Gymnastics Centre are within a 10-minute walking distance of each other, so you will easily be able to attend any workshop, regardless of location.

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Full Conference Schedule 

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