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Gaining an additional Gymsport accreditation

Are you already accredited in the old system coaching Level 1, 2 or 3? Or do you already hold an Intermediate Accreditation or higher in another Gymsport and are looking to gain an additional Gymsport accreditation?


If you do not have access in your LMS account to the online course you are seeking an additional accreditation in, please follow the steps below.


  • Ensure you have set up your LMS account in order for this process to take place. Link to the LMS below.

  • Depending on which accreditation you are seeking to gain, please follow the steps below:

    A) If you are requesting access to the Advanced Coaching Course or the Online Supervisors Course, follow the link to the LMS accreditation form here.

    B) If you are requesting access to an Intermediate Coaching Course, please follow the steps below:

    1. Request access to the course from the Education Team at Gymnastics Victoria on
      Please provide your full name, Technical Member ID, details of current accreditation (Gymsport and level), and the additional Gymsport accreditation you would like to gain (Gymsport and level)

      You will shortly receive confirmation from the Education Team that you have access to the course:

    2. Log into your LMS account and purchase and complete the Online Gymsport Only Coaching Course, cost of $55
      Instructions on purchasing can be found in the 'Enrol in the Intermediate Coaching Course Gymsport only' document

    3. Enrol into the Intermediate Face to Face Course
      Instructions on enrolling can be found in the 'A Beginner Coach Enrolling in the Intermediate Coaching Course' document


*The LMS is Gymnastics Australia's Learning Management System

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