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Judging Pathway

Gymnastics Australia
Judging Accreditation Framework

The national Judging framework works similarly to the national coaching framework with the levels of accreditation being the same.

Judges begin their journey at the Beginner then progress through the levels of accreditation. The Australian National Judging framework is modeled on the FIG (International Gymnastics Federation) accreditation system centered around high-performance athletes. This means that by progressing through the Gymnastics Australia Judging accreditation pathway, you are on the pathway that will lead to a FIG judging accreditation.

One key difference between the judging and coaching frameworks is that even at a beginner level, judges specialise in a chosen gymsport. Each level of accreditation allows judges to judge higher levels of competition within their chosen gymsport. The levels that judges can judge varies between gymsports.

The table below outlines all of the accreditations available in each gymsport.

Judge acred guide.JPG
Judging framework.JPG
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New to Judging
Beginner Judging Accreditation

If you are considering becoming a judge in a particular gymsport please read the information below.

Becoming a judge is an incredibly rewarding experience, and is a great way to engage with the gymnastics community. There are many opportunities that judging can offer from judging at local invitational competitions all the way through to international level competitions. The judging pathway is specific to each Gymsport - judges will have to select a specific Gymsport to become accredited in from the beginning. 

Click through the slider below to see what's involved with each beginner judging accreditation as well as the outcomes of each accreditation.

In some cases, your pre-existing Gymnastics experience can allow you to bypass the beginners accreditation and complete the Intermediate level accreditation as your first judging accreditation. This is done on a case-by-case basis, if you would like to enquire, please email 

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Judging Courses
Pre-course study materials

Please click on each tile to view the pre-course study materials for each judging accreditation


Acrobatic Gymnastics


Women's Artistic



Men's Artistic Gymnastics








Team Gym and Fusion FX


Trampoline & Tumbling Gymnastics

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Returning Judges

If you previously held a judging accreditation and would like to return to judging gymnastics, please contact Gymnastics Victoria so we can provide advice on a case-by-case basis.

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Gymstar Judges

Gymstar is a Victorian exclusive, recreational competitive program. Judges can judge at Gymstar competitions using a range of judging qualifications including the Gymstar Judges course as well as MAG and WAG ALP accreditation. The table below outlines the levels of Gymstar that judges can judge with their accreditations.

Gymstar - Level 1 to 3

Beginner Gymstar Judges course or Beginner MAG or WAG GA Judging accreditation.

Gymstar - Level 7 to 10
& Open

Advanced Gymstar Judging course or Intermediate MAG or WAG ALP

Gymstar - Level 4 to 6

Intermediate Gymstar Judging course or Intermediate MAG or WAG ALP

Gymstar Judges Courses

Beginner and Intermediate Gymstar Judges courses can be found on the Gymnastics Australia LMS (FLEX). For all other judging courses, please see the Judging course calendar.

Gymstar Judging Resources
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