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Gymnastics Victoria Online Workshop Series

Gymnastics Victoria are excited to launch our series of FREE online coach development workshops!

These workshops are designed for coaches of all levels to gain knowledge from experts in a range of topics including, physiotherapy strategy, strength and conditioning, ballet, sprinting technique, behaviour management, and more. 


Coaches will receive 1 updating point per workshop, as per Gymnastics Australia's Updating Policy.

Workshops will continue to be added to this page based on your feedback and suggestions. 

Please direct all questions and queries to Gymnastics Victoria's Education Team at

Below you will find further information on workshop topics, presenters, and how to access materials:

Nakarin Jaikla.jpg

Developing a Successful Ballet Program (1 hour)

Presenter: Nakarin Jaikla

This workshop assists coaches to develop and implement ballet programs for all levels. Nakarin Jaikla explores annual planning and structure of ballet programs for gymnasts and provides practical examples, technique tips, and gymnastics specific drills. The first 30 minutes of this workshop relates to the planning and development of a ballet program for gymnasts. The second 30 minutes provides practical ballet technique and advice.

Access this webinar using the LMS.

Headshot Nerida King.png

Behaviour Management (30 minutes)

Presenter: Nerida King 

This workshop focuses on behaviour management strategies for coaches of all levels and explores class management, athlete centered learning, and positive reinforcement.

Access this webinar using the LMS.

Teisha King.jpg

Sprinting Technique and Drills for Vault (1 hour)

Presenter: Teisha King 

This workshop assists coaches in improving the speed of an athletes vault run, by breaking down sprinting technique and providing drills for sprint development.

Access this webinar using the LMS.

scott conway (2).jpg

Strength and Conditioning: An Introduction to the Theories, Concepts and Application to Gymnastics

(1 hour)

Presenter: Scott Conway

Strength and Conditioning expert Scott Conway explores the basics and theories behind a successful strength program. This workshop will assist coaches in planning and designing strength and conditioning programs to develop robust athletes.

Access this webinar using the LMS.

Bridging the Gap from Injury to Performance Using the Functional Movement Systems Approach (1 hour)

Presenter: Greg Dea

This webinar aims to give competitive coaches an insight into the world of physiotherapy. This webinar explores physiotherapy concepts related to bridging the gap from injury to performance. Gymnasts share attributes to many other athletes – the requirement for mobility and context-specific stability and motor control, with strength, strength endurance, power and power endurance. The following video is an example of such a systematic approach, in a non-gymnastic athlete, but an athlete requiring of high competence and capacity.


Access this webinar using the LMS.

April Wilson.webp

An Introduction to Inclusion Awareness (30 mins)

Presenter: April Wilson

Exploring discrimination, the skills and qualities of an inclusive coach, inclusive communication and modification of gymnastics activities.

Access this webinar using the LMS.

Ryan Hatfield headshot.jpg

Tumbling in Isolation - Visualisation (45 minutes)

Presenter: Ryan Hatfield and Russell Smart

This workshop focuses on the visualization and mental imagery techniques that can be used to practice tumbling at home. Ryan Hatfield also provides practical programs to assist in creating mental imagery tumbling programs for at home practice.

Access this webinar using the LMS.

How to access workshops using the LMS

  • Sign in to your account at

  • Click on the Go To The LMS button or go to

  • Click on the Toggle Menu in the top left corner (three horizontal lines)

  • Click Learning Centre

  • Click ‘Search Catalogue’ (magnifying glass on side bar on the left hand side)

  • Online Professional Development and Updating

  • GV Online Workshop Series

If you do not already have an LMS account please sign up here.

Please direct questions and queries to Gymnastics Victoria's Education Team at

Gymnastics Victoria Child Safety Webinar Series 

Gymnastics Victoria was pleased to hold our first free Child Safe Webinar on Wednesday April 8 2020. 

The topic of the webinar was General Training for Child Abuse and Child Safety in Gymnastics. 
This online training session was recorded and can be found below.

The training session is for anyone working or volunteering in a gymnastics club. The content is similar to what was covered in the Gymnastics Australia Child Safe Online course in 2019. Gymnastics Victoria recommends that you do at least one face to face (or online session like this) every year as well as the online course by Gymnastics Australia.  

This training session covered important topics including;  

- The Rights of the Child 

- Why does child abuse matter in gymnastics? 

- Facts and Stats about Child Abuse in Australia 

- The Law and Child Safety 

- How to make a report 

To access this webinar recording please click here. 

Please direct questions and queries to Gymnastics Victoria's Education Team at

Other Online Education 

1. Gymnastics Australia Professional Development Portal 

Gymnastics Australia has launched the professional development portal on their website that lists PD opportunities for coaches and judges, including webinar recordings, online courses, podcasts, and other resources that technical members can utilise to design home training sessions. 

These resources have been developed by GA, State and Territory Associations, and external organisations and we will be adding to the page regularly as new opportunities are developed.
GA have included a “Subscribe” button on the page that allows you to sign-up and be notified when new opportunities are listed.

You can access and subscribe to the PD Portal here. 

If you have any questions regarding the GA PD Portal please email

2. Gymnastics Victoria Club Development Workshops

Gymnastics Victoria has converted two of our club workshops to the online space for the Gymnastics community. These workshops are FREE for all Technical Members and are to compliment your coaching education.

Breaking Down The Skills

This online workshop is focuses on basic progressions and how to analyse the movement to fix problems by breaking the down the skill.

Click here to access this workshop. 

Understanding the Children You Coach

This online workshop is to help them understand the different ages and stages of children. It emphasises learning and teaching styles most suited to different age groups.

Click here to access this workshop.

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