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KinderGym Funding 


Gymnastics Victoria are excited to announced KinderGym Intermediate Course Funding for 2021!

As a part of a nationwide campaign to promote KinderGym, in collaboration with Gymnastics Australia and the other states and territories, Gymnastics Victoria will be providing funding to gymnastics coaches around the state wishing to complete an Intermediate KG accreditation. 


Eligible clubs are encouraged to nominated up to two coaches to apply for this funding that covers both  intermediate online courses and the face to face course. 

Eligible Clubs are those who are either:

 a) not running a 0-5 program at all


b) are running a 0-5 program that isn’t KinderGym affiliated. 

Eligible clubs were contacted by email in March 2020. To see a full list of eligible clubs, please CLICK HERE . 


The aim of this funding is to promote KinderGym to clubs who do not currently run this branded program. Clubs who wish to become KinderGym accredited will not need to rename their current 0-5 program to KinderGym if they would rather keep the name of their current 0-5 program.

Clubs that already run an affiliated KinderGym program are not eligible for this funding, however, will benefit from a nation-wide marketing campaign. Please click HERE for more information. 

How to apply:

Coaches must be endorsed by their eligible club to apply and a maximum of two coaches per eligible club will be able to receive this funding. 


Coaches must hold a beginner coach qualification at a minimum in order to be eligible for funding. Coaches should note that all all pre-course requirements including both online courses and the intermediate workbook are required to be completed before you can be enrolled into a face to face course. For more information on the Intermediate pre-course requirements please click here. 

Coaches and clubs can view all coaching courses scheduled for their area here.

Alternatively, clubs are encouraged to host Intermediate KG courses at their clubs to make it easier for their coaches. Clubs can request coaching courses here.

Please direct any questions or queries to Gymnastics Victoria's Education Team at

To apply please fill out the form below:

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