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Here you will find answers to the most common questions about the coaching pathway, course duration, job prospects, and much more. 

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What is the National Coaching Pathway?

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Which coaching pathway is for me? Participation vs Performance?

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How do I become an accredited Gymnastics Coach?

Undertaking education and training as a coach is an important first step to ensure that you are on the right track in your coaching. The Gymnastics Australia Coach Education Framework provides training for coaches at a variety of levels across a range of Gymsports.

To become a gymnastics coach you will need to gain a coaching accreditation through Gymnastics Australia/Gymnastics Queensland. The course is made up of two components; an online course and a face-to-face course. You will start with the online course.

A Beginner Coaching Course is the first step in the coaching pathway. The Beginner Coaching Accreditation is the minimum requirement for coaching gymnastics. A Beginner Coach will gain the skills and knowledge to assist in preparing and coaching gymnastics sessions involving fundamental movement and gymnastics skills. The Beginner Coaching Accreditation is generic to all of the Gymsports. Beginner Coaches must always work under direct supervision and are required to be 14 years or older to attend a Beginner Face-to-Face Coaches Course.

Once you have gained your Beginner Coaching Accreditation you will become a registered Technical Member with Gymnastics Australia/Queensland. This allows you access to Technical Membership benefits as well as critical insurance coverage through our National Risk Protection Program. Your first year’s technical membership is complimentary.

04 What will I learn in a Beginner Coaches Accreditation Course? 

The 2022 National Coaching Pathway, as stipulated by Gymnastics Australia, requires the completion of the Beginner Coaches Accreditation Course prior to the Intermediate Accredited Course. Unless you meet one of the criteria for exception.

The Education Framework and the coaching course structure, design and delivery have been developed by Gymnastics Australia and the Gymsport technical experts with a commitment to best practice in coach education. 

A blended approach to learning incorporating formal, online, workplace and shared learning environments, our Education Framework is supported by research in the field of coach education and development.

The underlying principles of our courses are:

  • Athlete centered coaching

  • Coach centered learning

  • Best practice in sports coaching; embracing risk management for your athletes and yourself

  • Teaching model of UNDERSTAND – TEACH

  • HOW to coach; how to be an effective coach and implement WHAT you know

  • Self-awareness and responsibility for professional development.


Once you have successfully completed the Beginner online and face-to-face courses, you will be able to begin coaching under supervision.

05 How do I become a Beginner Accredited Coach? 

View our step-by-step guide to help you through the Beginner Coaching Accreditation process.

06 What will I learn in an Intermediate Coaching Accreditation Course? 

The Intermediate Coaching Accreditation is the second tier of the Coach Accreditation Framework. An intermediate coach will gain the skills and knowledge to plan, prepare and coach fun and safe gymnastic sessions involving a range of gymnastic fundamental movement skills relevant to a specific Gymsport. Individuals must be 16 years or older to attend an Intermediate Face-to-face Coaches Course. While you work through the Intermediate Coaching Accreditation you will choose which Gymsport(s) you wish to specialise in. You can choose from the following:

  • Gymnastics for All (GfA)

  • Men’s Artistic Gymnastics (MAG)

  • Women’s Artistic Gymnastics (WAG)

  • Rhythmic Gymnastics (RG)

  • Trampoline/Tumbling Gymnastics (TRP/TUM)

  • Aerobic Gymnastics (AER)

  • Acrobatic Gymnastics (ACR)

07 How do I become an Intermediate Accredited Coach? 

View our step-by-step guide to help you through the Intermediate Coaching Accreditation process.

08 How much does it cost to become an accredited coach? 

For a full listing of our course prices, please contact 

09 How do I enrol into an online course? 

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10 How do I enrol into a practical (face-to-face) course? 

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11 How do I find out how many courses you run a year? 

Gymnastics Victoria runs a number of face-to-face coaches’ courses throughout the year and across all the regions within the state You can access the calendar via our website. The calendar is regularly updated, so keep checking for courses near you. Alternatively, please contact our Education Team who can note your expression of interest.

12 How do I know if I can get recognition of prior learning? 

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13 How much will I earn as a gymnastics coach? 

The gymnastics coaching industry is a professional sporting industry with the vast majority of coaches performing coaching duties in a paid capacity. The pay rate is competitive against other industries as it is governed under the Fitness Industry Award and therefore has minimum award rates and working conditions. 

View the Fitness Industry Award.

View the pay rates currently being offered by affiliated clubs on our jobs board. 

14 How old do I have to be to become a Beginner Accredited coach?

You bust be 14 years of age at the time of attending your practical course.

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