Athlete Vouchers

Transition to Coaching and Judging with the NEW Athlete Vouchers!


To continue growing the sport, and to encourage current high level athletes to share, build on and improve their knowledge and understanding of gymnastics, Gymnastics Victoria is proud to introduce Athlete Vouchers.


High level athletes, at the levels listed below, will be entitled to the following:

One Coaching Course Voucher at either Beginner or Intermediate level* AND

One Judging Course Voucher at either Beginner or Intermediate level

*Please note that this applies only for face to face courses, and not the online courses.

The following levels have been selected for the respective gymsports:


WAG: Levels 10, Junior International & Senior International


MAG: Level 9 Under, Level 9 Open, Level 10 & Senior International


RG: Level 10, Junior International & Senior International


TRP: Junior International & Senior International


AER: Level 10, Age Group 2 & Senior


ACR: Senior International

Please be aware that you must also meet the age requirements for each course.

For more information, including how to receive your voucher, please contact the Education Team at or on (03) 9005 4700

For any additional queries, please do not hesitate to contact the friendly Gymnastics Victoria Education Team,
you can find all of our contact details

Thank you for visiting our site - we look forward to you developing your skills and knowledge at StudyGym - an initiative of Gymnastics Victoria.

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