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Welcome to the Leading Clubs Conference Shark Tank!

Below are some details that will help you to get your team together and form your pitch.

The Pitch:

The project will be something that can be implemented at clubs and then picked up by the state or national body and scaled up to improve gymnastics across Australia.

Please see below some project ideas that may help you with deciding what you will pitch. You are not required to use one of the listed ideas they are for guidance only.

Project Ideas:

  • Membership

  • Education in Regional Areas

  • Facilities

  • Retention of Gymnasts

  • Attracting coaches

  • Sponsorship

  • Being seen as a big sport

  • Affiliation benefits

  • Making events more attractive to the general public

  • Encouraging participation from other demographics


Your Team:  Up to 5 people

You can choose your own team and submit the members to Gymnastics Victoria prior to the conference. If you do not have a team and would like to take part please let us know by contacting and we will allocate you a team.


Team Captain: You must nominate a team captain who will present the pitch. Only one person will be allowed to pitch to the panel, all team members can answer questions.

Length of pitch: Strictly 5 minutes + panel questions. You will be given a 1 minute warning and asked to stop whether your pitch is finished or not!

Preparation time: There will be some time available during the day to prepare as a team. You should have your project ready upon arrival at the conference.

The Panel:

  • Kitty Chiller

  • Kym Dowdell

  • Nastashia Buck

Please complete the below project template and submit to prior to your pitch. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact the Gymnastics Victoria office on 03 9005 4700.

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