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LearnGym is here!

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Updating points now available!

LearnGym is Gymnastics Victoria's homegrown training and development platform that houses short, online units that are focused on the development of soft skills for technical members and club administrators.

LearnGym is designed to support gymnastics coaches with developing on-the-job skills post accreditation. It also contains modules to assist with club administration and includes units on personal well-being and child safety.

Some of the topics you will find on LearnGym are:

  • Setting the tone in your gymnastics class

  • Why does Child Safety matter in gymnastics?

  • What is mental health?

  • Marketing Tips and Tricks

  • How to set goals

  • How to develop good communications skills

  • How to avoid common time management mistakes

Updating points are now awarded for completing select courses. Updating points are awarded at the end of each calendar month for courses completed in that month.


One updating point will be awarded for completing any of the following courses;

  • Change the Routine

  • Meeting the needs of every child

  • How to be a good mentor

  • Setting the Tone in Your Gymnastics Class

  • Communicating with a young person

  • What is Mental Health

  • Why Child Safety Matters in Gymnastics

  • Webinar: Child Safety Boot Camp - Childsafe Screening for Gymnastics

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