Education in COVID Safe Settings

With the various different rule sets that surround lockdown, Education courses and training become quite a confusing space. Below is an FAQ with regards to how the Lockdowns affect education courses.

Q: When are Gymnastics coaching and judging courses allowed to run?

A: Gymnastics Victoria education courses and workshops, for both coaching and judging, are classified as 'community sports activities' and are subject to the corresponding restricted activity directives for this area. To run courses, indoor community sport must be allowed to operate.


A simple rule of thumb for this is: if gymnastics clubs are open in a particular region or area then education courses can also run.

Q: What happens if I'm enrolled in a course that gets canceled?

A: In the event that you are enrolled into a training event in the LMS that is canceled, the following will happen:

  • The event will not run on the scheduled date - please do not attend.

  • The practical course that you purchased will be held in credit indefinitely until you are able to attend a face-to-face training event. You will not be required to pay any further fees to transfer to a different course of the same accreditation level and Gymsport. 

  • If the training event is rescheduled you will be automatically placed into this new training event and notified, no further action will be required. 

  • If you are unable to attend the rescheduled training event, you must contact us at and we will endeavor to assist you in finding a course that works for you.

Q: I live in metropolitan Melbourne, can I attend a regional course?

A: As a Metro resident, you are subject to the current RADs that are relevant to Metro. Melbourne. As at 31/8/21 these RADs mean that:

  • You cannot travel for more than 5km from your place of residence.

  • You are unable to leave your residence, unless for a permitted reason. Community sport does not qualify as a permitted reason to leave the home. 

Q: Can coaching Courses be run via Zoom?

A: Whilst every effort is being made to consider alternate training options, there is only so much that can be achieved through          e-learning settings (such as Zoom). Gymnastics Australia has advised us that there is currently no alternate solution running coaching courses face to face. In some instances, judging courses are being adapted to suit an e-learning format. We will provide more information on this as these projects develop.

Q: I am able to attend a course as allowed by the RAD's for my area. What should I be aware of?

A: In the event that community sport can operate, there will COVID safe measures in place including, but not limited to:

  • The requirement for fitted face masks to be worn for the duration of the training event

  • Social distancing

  • Completion of a Pre-Course health Screening prior to admission on the day of the training event

  • Reduced course number sizes to adhere to density limits where required.

  • Cleaning procedures to occur post-course to ensure minimal impact on the volunteer host club.

  • You will be required to prepare your own course resources and bring them to the training event you attend. 

  • You will be required to check-in using the state-mandated QR code for the purposes of the contact tracing program.

Q: When will the next course be?

A: At this point in time, it is too difficult to determine when community sport, and thus education courses, will be allowed to resume. Whilst we are attempting to reschedule all courses that are meant to run during this uncertain period, it is difficult for us to run all of our courses. In order to assist us with education planning and facilitation for the remainder of 2021, please click on the link below to submit an expression of interest for particular coaching or judging course.

Register an expression of interest.

Gymnastics Victoria will be recommencing face to face coach and judge education as of the 18th of July 2021. We are committed to the health, safety and wellbeing of our members, employees, and volunteers attending face to face education courses and workshops across Victoria.  


In order to promote a COVID safe environment all Gymnastics Victoria education programs will be required to adhere to the following protocols: 


  • Strictly adhere to 1.5m social distancing throughout the course. Please view Safe Work Australia’s physical distancing information here.  

  • It is recommended that participants wear a face mask where they are unable to physically distance.

  • Gymnastics Australia’s Club Surface and Equipment Cleaning Guidelines and Hygiene Education information.  


In addition, Gymnastics Victoria have implemented the following guidelines for the delivery of face to face coaching and judging courses from July 5th.  These guidelines will continue to be modified and updated to align with Victorian Government advice.  


  • Beginner and Intermediate coaching courses and all judging courses will be capped at a maximum of 20 participants only.

  • Advanced coaching courses, including Advanced Tumbling and Spring Module 1 courses will be capped at a maximum of 10 participants only.  

  • No sharing of athlete demonstrators. Athlete demonstrators must be the athlete that the participant personally coaches - not from another training group. Parents of athlete demonstrators cannot stay for the duration of the course. 

  • All course enrolments will close on the Monday prior to a scheduled course. Late enrolments will not be accepted.  

  • All attendees will be required to complete a pre-course health screening including participants, athlete demonstrators, and presenters.  

  • All course resources will be emailed to participants prior to the course and participants will be responsible for bringing their personal resources to the course.  

  • It is strongly recommended that all participants, presenters, and athlete demonstrators download the COVID Safe app and ensure it is active throughout the course.  

In addition specific guidelines for participants, clubs, and presenters will be implemented in order to achieve a COVID safe environment. 


Please find these fact sheets below:

Information Fact Sheet for Participants

Information Fact Sheet for Clubs

Information Fact Sheet for Presenters 

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