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Coaching courses are back! You can now request to host a coaching course at your club here. 

The Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Coaching Course Calendars can be found below.


Please click on the Gymsport below to view the upcoming course dates. To enrol into a course, please follow the links through to LMS. All pre-course requirements are to be completed and approved in order to enrol into a face to face coaching course using your LMS account. More information on the pre-course requirements can be found below.


Beginner Coaching Course

Women's Artistic Gymnastics Coaching Course

Men's Artistic Gymnastics Coaching Course
Gymnastics for All Coaching Courses
KinderGym Coaching Courses

Rhythmic Gymnastics Coaching Courses
Trampoline Gymnastics Coaching Courses
Tumbling Gymnastics Coaching Courses

Aerobic Gymnastics Coaching Courses

Acrobatic Gymnastics Coaching Courses


If the Intermediate Course you wish to attend is not scheduled, please complete the expression of interest from here


Coaching course pre-course requirements checklists

Beginner pre-course requirements

Intermediate pre-course requirements

Advanced Tumbling and Spring Module (Module 1 WAG/MAG/GfA/TUM/ACR) Pre-course requirements

Advanced FULL course pre-course requirements



Closing Date
The Academy, L.A
Bamboo, Santa Barbara
Cheers, Santa Cruz
The Roxy, San Francisco
Women's Artistic Gymnastics Coaching Courses
Men's Artistic Gymnastics Coaching Courses
Gymnastics for All Coaching Courses
KinderGym Coaching Courses
Rhythmic Gymnastics Coaching Courses
Trampoline Gymnastics Coaching Courses
Tumbling Gymnastics Coaching Courses
Aerobic Gymnastics Coaching Courses
Acrobatic Gymnastics Coaching Courses