Advanced Tumbling & Spring Module (Module 1) MAG/WAG/GfA/ACR/TUM

Teaching Saltos? Let’s get qualified!


Gymnastics Victoria would like to remind intermediate coaches that in order to teach saltos they are required to complete the pathway below.

It is a simple 3 step process to become qualified to coach saltos and other advanced tumbling and spring skills!

  1. Complete the “Online Participation Module” online course. ($25)

  2. Complete your spotting log book with your mentor. This can be downloaded here. Upload this to your LMS account.

  3. Enrol into an Advanced Tumbling and Spring Module ½ day face to face course. ($90)


Once the half day course is successfully completed, intermediate gymnastics coaches are qualified to teach select advanced acrobatic and vaulting skills - including back flips and saltos.

Gymnastics Victoria have courses coming up and once completed coaches will be covered to teach these more advanced skills that were previously reserved for only those with Advanced Coaching qualifications.


Spring into action and don’t miss out on this fast and simple way to get qualified!

Please note: You must be 17 years or older to complete the face-to-face course.


You are required to bring an athlete with you to demonstrate your spotting abilities. For Child safety and welfare purposes, there can be no sharing of athletes between clubs. If you cannot supply an athlete demonstrator, you will not be allowed to attend. Your athlete demonstrator does not need to be able to complete all of the skills in the spotting log book.